7 useful pieces of advice, which will prolong the lifespan of your tyres

Tips and tricks | April 21st, 2017

# 1
Don’t overdo it with your carload – a passenger car is not a truck. An overload wears out your tyres much quicker.  The same goes for a proper weight distribution of your wheels.

# 2
Mind  the recommended tyre inflation pressure. If  they’re not inflated enough, they not only wear out quicker, but also increase  the fuel consumption.

# 3
Change  the tyres out from one wheel to another. Most of  the time, individual wheels are worn out inconsistently. With this trick, you can partially reduce  the inconsistent wearing out.

# 4
Get your wheel alignment in order. Wrong alignment is synonymous with quicker wearing out of  the tyres. However, you should probably give that job to a specialist.

# 5
Wheel suspension is  the same case as with  the wheel alignment. Be especially mindful of old and ineffective shock absorbers, which create all sorts of problems during driving and have a negative impact on your tyres‘ lifespan.

# 6
Check  the state of  the tread and other signs of wearing out. A routine check of  the wearing out of your tyres is a must.

# 7
Choose high quality tyres which are known to last long and don’t need to be changed out often. Naturally, we recommend Prinx tyres.



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