Drifting – an incredible show which you simply must see!

Fun with cars | April 21st, 2017

Drifting is one of the newest, most exciting motorsport types.  In the recent times, drifting has been enjoying a massive surge in popularity, which seems  to be growing with incredible speed all across the globe. So what’s it all about?

Fancy drifts  and driving skills

The point of drifting  is to pull off a controlled, oversteered slide called  a drift.  The driver, using special techniques and skills, manoeuvres  the car so it enters a drift, which makes  the car lose  the traction of either  the rear or all wheels.  The goal of  the driver is to control the drift all the way from the beginning  to the end  of the corner.

The driver’s driving skill is evaluated with various aspects in mind – such as the speed of the car during  the drift, slip angle, stability  in connecting individual drifts,  the amount of smoke made by  the rear tyres and so on.  The competition is usually divided into two parts: solo passes called “tansó” and final tandem passes called “tsuisó”. Cars for this sport are all rear-wheel-drive, have a limited-slip differential  and, naturally, premium tyres.

History and present day

Where did drifting come from? If you guessed Japan,  then you guessed right.  It came into existence  in the 60s from illegal races known  as “touge”.  These races were done on serpentine mountain passes, and drifting was used a technique  to block  the opponent during a race.  It was only after some time that drifting actually became a competition discipline of its own. Japan held  the first official competition,  and  the contemporary D1 Grand Prix competition is  the most prestigious drifting competition today.

Europe famously holds  the King of Europe  and British Drift Championship competitions. When it comes to car brands,  there’s a significant favour in Japanese cars, such as Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Subaru or Mitsubishi, but some European cars  are favoured as well – mostly BMW.

Check out the video

First and foremost, drifting is an immensely spectacular show. Check it out right here:




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